About Us

In this time in which Pubs, Spaghetti-houses, Pubs and Fast-foods are increasing daily, we would like to introduce our Restaurant and tell something to our customers. We cook respecting our long family tradition and we still try to stir up those simple, healthy, genuine tastes. We also offer an efficient table service. According to us, the restaurant should be a place where people not only have nice food but also a good time in a friendly atmosphere.
And according to an old saying “ Animals can feed theirselves but only clever people can actually eat! “. That is why we advise you to have our “ Special grilled meat “ and to taste some of our excellent Chianti.

Hoping not to deceive any of our customers we thank you for your attention and wish you our best….. “ Buon appetito “ !

Our History

The construction of walls of the restaurant " La Piazzetta " goes back to the first years of 1900 and was one colonica used to use stables.
Subsequently it became the house of "fascio" with the advent of the fascismo, then the house of " custom office ".
After the second world war, it became a shop of foods and remained such until 1961, when it was bought by our father who called it restaurant " Goffredo " that beyond selling to the minute it offered also take-away service.
Those were years of great sacrifices for our parents .They opened very early in the morning in order to prepare the goods to carry housetohouse, and the night they remained opened until the 2:00.
In 1970 our parents sold the management to ours employee while, in the meantime, they had opened an other restaurant "La Badia La Barca " with specialty fish, still of our property. In April of 1985 we have repurchased the restaurant , changing name of " Goffredo to " La Piazzetta ".

Our Services