Our specialties

Bistecca alla Fiorentina, T-bone steak

The Chianina breed is the oldest in Italy; and it’s one of the oldest in the world. This breed of cow was used up until fifties, especially for framework. Nowadays the Chianina breed has become one of the best breed in the world. It’s famous for its features: lean meat, less subcutaneous fat, with a low cholesterol content. The Chianina is known all over the world as a high quality and genuine meat and overall famous because of its taste.

Interesting tip: The Florentine Steak (Bistecca alla Fiorentina) was born during the St. Lorenzo Night, when, in Florence, people used to roast calfs of Chianina breed. The name “Chianina” was due to a group of English travelers. They used to call this meat as “beef steak”. So we call the T-bone steak as “Bistecca”, or Bistecca alla Fiorentina.

Our Restaurant in Florence is specialized in cooking Bistecca alla Fiorentina (T-Bone steak), offering quality, experience and a quality service.

Taste our Bistecca alla Fiorentina.

Buon appetito !

Our Original Pizza Giovane

With simple and natural ingredients, Pizza Giovane provides Antioxidants, natural substances that help fight free radicals and thus aging. Our novel Pizza Giovane, in fact, is the basis for the pizza recipe innovative full of choicest raw materials. Compared to a traditional pizza, Pizza Giovane has twice polyphenols and antioxidant capacity 6 times higher. And it is easier to digest because it expertly prepared by the pizza dough with a long and controlled rise. In addition it is very good. Wholemeal Kamut and oats. Wheat germ and flax flour gold. Olive pulp extract and red grapes.

Ask for Pizza Giovane and Buon Appetito!

Wine List

We are proud of every single detail of our restaurant, but our flagship is our Wine Card. We invite you to consult and figure out the aromas, colors and flavors of this wine selection for your palate.

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The menu

La Piazzetta

Steakhouse Pizzeria

Our Menu

Piazza del Bandino
Via di Ripoli 167, Firenze
Tel. 055 6800253

Tasting menu

Menù 25 €
Antipasto Toscano con selezione di salumi del Casentino o crostini misti
Hamburger di Chianina, fatto da noi, con patate fritte fresche e verdure grigliate
Tagliata di pollo con rucola e radicchio al balsamico
Acqua, Calice di Vino e Caffè
Menù 30 €
Antipasto Toscano o Sformatino di broccoli con vellutata di zucca e porri
Tagliata di Bistecca a piacere (con rucola o lardo di Colonnata o fagioli Toscani)
Spiedo misto alla brace
(salsicce, pollo, scamerita e bistecca)
Dolce, Acqua e Caffè
Menù 45 € (Minimo 2 persone)
Antipasto Toscano oppure Primo a scelta
Bistecca Chianina certificata circa kg.1,2
Contorno a scelta
Dolce, Calice di Vino, Acqua e Caffè


Our selection
Typical tuscan appetizer (mix of salami with Florentine canapè)

Parma ham and typical Florentine canapé

Parma ham and Pienza Pecorino cheese

Typical salami and cheese with jam

Sausage with trufle and Parmigiano cheese sformato

Tasting of typical salami, Pienza Pecorino cheese, Florentine classic canapè with chicken liver paté and Parmigiano cheese sformato (min. 2)

Poker of bruschette'

Florentine classic canapé with chicken liver paté

Toast with sautéed mushrooms *(seasonal)

Porcini mushrooms carpaccio with Parmigiano cheese

Andria Burrata and bruschette with tomatoes and basil

Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP with Pachino tomatoes and arugula

Valtellina Bresaola with arugula and Parmigiano Cheese

Mixed cheese and jam

Pasta and soups

La Pasta Fresca
Short pasta with Cinta Senese sauce
The wild boar pappardelle
Spicy Pici with Scarpaccia Casentino Guanciale sauce
Ravioli with Pecorino cheese, pears and walnut sauce
Rigatoni ( short pasta ) with Chianina meat sauce and buffalo mozzarella
Gnocchi with truffles
The typical Ribollita
Short pasta with sausage sauce, Pachino tomatoes and Pienza pecorino cheese
Spaghetti with egg cream and bacon
Short pasta (or spaghetti) with tomatoes sauces or Carrettiera or with Chianina meat sauce
Tagliatelle with Porcini mushrooms (seasonal)
Spicy Pici pasta, gnocchi with truffe and short pasta with meat sauce (min. 2)

I Vegetariani
Tagliolini ai carciofi freschi

Tortiglioni con crema di zucca e broccoli

Zuppa di cavolo nero e fagioli

La ribollita

Vellutata di zucca con crosticini di pane casalingo

Pappa al pomodoro con burrata e basilico
Long pasta with prawns and orange sauce

Mixed Seafood Spaghetti

Clam sauce spaghetti

Mixed seafood rise

Wood Fired Meats

Chianina meat IGP (certified)
The “Bistecca alla Fiorentina” (rib or fillet) min. gr. 700

The Chianina fillet

Chianina Fillet with porcini mushrooms (seasonal)

Tagliata (Chianina sliced steak in the rib) with arugula, parmigiano cheese, zolfini beans with “Lardo di colonnata”)

Tagliata (Chianina sliced steak in the rib) with Porcini mushrooms (seasonal)
La Cinta Senese
Sliced grilled Meat with Zolfini beans

Spicy sausages

Cinta Senese Steaks

Pork spare ribs

Cinta Senese Spit (loin, sausage, spicy sausage)

Big spit with Chianina steak, chicken, Cinta Senese loin and sausage
From our kitchen
Grilled veal

Grilled veal with Porcini mushrooms

Grilled slice of meat (beef)

Grilled young chicken

Grilled chicken slices with arugula, balsamic vinegar, chicory

Slow cooked beef in Chianti Wine with pepper

Fillet with balsamic vinegar or green pepper

Porcini mushrooms (seasonal)


Special pizza
“Pizza Giovane”, a healthy Pizza realized with Kamut whole wheat flour.

Burrata di Andria, Pachino tomatoes and basil
Pirate pizza (Paté of olives, fresh tomato and buffalo’s milk mozzarella)
Smoked ham, speck, mascarpone (creamy mild cheese) and walnuts
Covaccino delle Apuane (truffle,steak, lard of colonnata)
Steak pizza (covaccino with steak, arugola, red chicory and balsamic vinegar)
Pizza with herbs and buffalo’s milk mozzarella
Farmhouse Pizza (fresh tomato, ewe’s cheese and raw ham)
Napoli DOC (deep-pan pizza with tomatoes, buffalo’s milk mozzarella, anchovies, capers)
Margherita D.O.C (deep-pan pizza with tomatoes buffalo’s milk mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, )
Halfmoon Enrico (half calzone, half margherita, with ham, arugula and Parmigiano cheese)
Halfmoon (half calzone, half margherita)
Pizza “ Piazzetta “ (tomato, wild mushrooms, Parmigiano cheese, smoked ham)
Truffle (tomato, mozzarella, truffle cream)
Truffle and ham ( with ham tomato, mozzarella, truffle cream and ham)
Pugliese (tomato, mozzarella, dried tomatoes, ginger)
Porcini mushrooms (seasonal)
Sicilian pizza (mozzarella, peppers, aubergines, capers, chili pepper)
Classic Pizza
Margherita (tomatoes, mozzarella)
Salamino Piccante (spicy salami)
Margherita with bufala mozzarella and basil
Prosciutto e funghi
Marinara (saylor pizza)
Carciofini (artichokes)
Napoli (Napoli Pizza)
4 stagioni (ham, artichokes, mushrooms, anchovies, olives)
Fresh Tomatoes
4 formaggi (4 mixed cheese)
Funghi (mushrooms)
Capricciosa (ham, artichokes, mushrooms)
Salsiccia (sausage)
Melanzane (aubergines)
Maialona (sausage, wurstel, ham)
Tonno /tuna fish)
Prosciutto (ham)
Porcini (Porcini mushrooms)
I Calzoni
Ham and mozzarella

Filled (mozzarella, ham, wurstel, artichokes, mushrooms)

Piazzetta (as Filled with dried beef)

K.O. (mozzarella, 5 cheeses cream, hot salami, chili pepper)

Special (mozzarella, truffle cream, Porcini mushrooms)
Flat bread ( white pizza with mozzarella from Boiano)
The special one (mozzarella, truffles cream, Porcini mushrooms)

Speck and gorgonzola cheese

Trevisana (mozzarella, mixed cheese, red chicory from Treviso)

Greengrocer (mozzarella, courgettes, fresh tomatoes)

Country (mozzarella, peppers, onions, oregano)

Strong (gorgonzola cheese, onions, ham and chili pepper)


Light (mozzarella, sliced fresh tomatoes, arugula)

Sausages, aubergines, Parmigiano cheese slivers
Covaccini (pizza dough with oil and salt)
Olive Oil

Onions, oregano and Parmigiano cheese


Dried beef

Lardo di colonnata and rosemary

4 mixed cheese and sliced fresh tomatoes

Tuna fish and arugula

Dried beef, arugula, Parmigiano cheese

Summer (bufala mozzarella DOP, Pachino tomatoes and arugula)

Side Dishes

I Contorni
“Zolfini della Penna” typical Tuscan beans

Porcini mushrooms: Fried, grilled, or sautéed (seasonal)

Grilled peppers

Spinach with garlic and oil

French fries

Mix of boiled vegetables (carrots, potatoes, pumpkins)
Mixed salad

Mixed salad with arugula and Parmigiano cheese

Mixed salad with tuna fish

Mixed salad with tuna fish and mozzarella di Boiano

Arugula, Pachino tomatoes, tuna fish and capers

Homemade beers

Lilium Exinea (grado alcolico 5,1% vol., non filtrata, colore biondo dorato, aroma erbaceo)

L’olmaia PVK( grado alcolico 4,5% vol., non filtrata, molto beverina, fresca e profumata )
Original Landbier Hell ( grado alcolico -5,3% vol., chiara, aroma fresco )

Original Aktien 1857( grado alcolico -5,3% vol., chiara, beverina, fresca)

Zwick’l Kellerbier( grado alcolico -5,3% vol., ambrata, non filtrata)


Our dessert
Banana Split (banana fruit, frozen to the cream, climbed on whipped cream and gasket to the chocolate)
Banana split ( banana, gelato alla crema, panna montata e guarnizione al cioccolato )
Crêpe filled with custard garnished with chocolate
Crêpe ripiena di crema guarnita al cioccolato
Wafer with yogurt or vanilla ice cream and fruits of the forest or chocolate
Canestrino di cialda con gelato allo yogurt e salsa ai frutti di bosco o cioccolato
Millefoglie (puff pastry and cream)
Millefoglie dell’antica gelateria “Vivoli”
Warm sheet of pastry with apple and custard
Sfogliatina calda della casa
Cream Caramel
Cheese cake
Mousse with yogurt and Nutella chocolate
Mousse allo yogurt e Nutella
Milk cream with fruits of the forest
Panna cotta con salsa ai frutti di bosco
Home made ice cream
Gelati di produzione artigianale
Fruit salad
Macedonia di frutta fresca
Fruit salad with ice cream
Macedonia di frutta fresca con gelato
Typical biscuits of “Prato” and wine
Biscottini di Prato fatti a mano col vin santo della fattoria
Fresh Strawberries with: lemon, red wine
Fragole fresche al limone o al vino rosso
Strawberry with ice cream
Fragole con gelato
Strawberries with climbed on whipped cream
Fragole con panna montata
Fresh pineapple
Ananas fresco
Fresh pineapple with ice cream or maraschino
Ananas fresco con gelato o maraschino